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Marketing Communications

Challenge yourself and become an outstanding communicator


A Professional Bachelor's Degree based on Business English and Communications.

When it comes to training communicators Denmark is up-front. At University College South Denmark in Haderslev you will receive high quality theoretical instruction and one semester of supervised professional experience during your studies.



What will you learn?

Theory and practice

At University College South Denmark we offer you the most updated degree in business English and communications with a special focus on integrating the latest social media in a communications/marketing strategy. Our program consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. It is our aim that our students get a strong theoretical foundation while at the same time experiencing an in-depth understanding of how to apply these theories in real life situations.

The tools you need to promote yourself

With a degree in English and IT-based Marketing you can work as a communications adviser in an international organisation or as a marketing planner specialised in marketing in English-speaking countries or as an independent communications adviser - or you name it. It is up to you to communicate your skills – after 3½ year with us we are confident that we have provided the tools you need to promote yourself.

In English - and Danish

English speaking instructors and experts participate in the course but the main language of instruction is Danish. The first semester will be taught exclusively in English. Students unfamiliar with the Danish language will have the opportunity to participate in an intensive Danish course during the first two semesters alongside the regular classes. This along with living in Denmark will mean that the students after the first year will be able to communicate satisfactory in Danish.   


Obtaining a Professional Bachelor Degree takes 3 1/2 years of studies. Up to one semester can be spent at a foreign university cooperating with our education programs.

As part of the education there will be one semester of supervised professional experience. This could take place for instance in a private company in your home country as long as it is approved by our institution.



You can apply if you have an upper secondary school leaving certificate - high school diploma - Abitur - Fachabitur or have graduated with a similar level.  You are also welcome to apply if you are in the final year at secondary school

Language requirements:

You need a good understanding of English to be able to follow the program. You have to be willing to work hard to learn the Danish language within the first year or 18 months. Alongside the usual course that all students will follow, you will receive intensive training in the Danish language. If you live in or move to Denmark, this course is free.

For more info on studying in Denmark as a Non-EU citizen click here.

How to apply:

Login to www.optagelse.dk (open from February 1st) and apply under the red arrow “Søg videregående uddannelse” (apply for higher education). Remember to upload all your documents!

You can get a guide here.

Deadline March 15th, 2018.



Citizens of the EU and EEA countries as well as citizens of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein are exempt from tuition fee payments whether they are full degree or exchange students.

Refugees or immigrants living in Denmark with a permanent residence permit are also exempt. 

Anyone else who enrolls as a full degree and exchange student at University College South Denmark is required to pay tuition for the programme in which they enroll. 

The tuition fee for a semester for each programme is listed below. 
Further costs may also apply, and these costs vary from programme to programme. 

Students coming to University College South Denmark through a bilateral or exchange agreement are exempt from tuition fees.

Prices may vary from each semester according to the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Short courses:

  • Communications (Spring and Autumn) 
    € 3400 per semester
  • Teaching (Living and Learning in Spring and Inclusive Practice in Autumn) 
    € 4600 per semester
  • Social Education (Crossing Borders in Spring and Autumn) 
    € 3500 per semester

Full degree:

  • Teacher Education
    € 4300 per semester
  • Marketing Communications (EITM) 
    € 2800 per semester

University College South Denmark uses The European Central Bank Eurosystem for exchange rate: https://www.ecb.europa.eu/stats/exchange/eurofxref/html/eurofxref-graph-dkk.en.html


Payment of Tuition Fee

Prior to the start of semester and immediately after registering/becoming accepted or immediately following the end of the previous semester, University College South Denmark will issue tuition fee invoices for the upcoming term.

The invoice is sent by e-mail.

Payment date for invoices is 8th January for the spring semester and 8th August for the autumn semester.

If payment has not been received on the payment date, the student receives a reminder from University College South Denmark informing the student that they cannot start the semester without payment of the invoice. University College South Denmark must inform The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment if a student is not actively studying. This could have implications for the student’s residence permit

If payment has not been received, the student will be notified that they cannot start the semester/degree course and the student will be deregistered.


Study environment

The college campus is situated in the centre of Haderslev. The oldest buildings date back to mid 19th century, and our campus is a charming mixture of old and new. You will have around 650 fellow education students.

Haderslev is a medieval town with about 30,000 inhabitants, beautifully situated at the east coast of Southern Jutland on a 12-kilometer-long fjord and surrounded by an extensive lake system, 50 km north of the Danish-German border. There are many leisure time possibilities like sports, concerts, cinema, cafés, etc.

More about Haderslev: http://www.visithaderslev.info/ln-int/haderslev