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Digital Teacher Training Programme

Would you like the freedom to study where and when it suits you? The Digital Teacher Training Programme may be just the thing.

An ordinary teacher training programme delivered in a very different way

How do you study best? Where in the world are you? Do you prefer studying in the morning or evening? Would you like to work while studying? 

There are lots of questions – here’s where you can find out whether the Digital Teacher Training Programme is right for you, or whether another of UC SYD’s programmes will suit you better. 

The Digital Teacher Training Programme sets the highest requirements for its students, including the amount of work you put in and independence. You are given the freedom to find your own way as a teacher. Freedom brings responsibility, of course. You need to structure your time and find schools where you can conduct surveys to test different methods of teaching. Methods that you believe will be exciting for you – and for the students. 

The Digital Teacher Training Programme is a very ordinary teacher training programme delivered in a very different way. 

Apply for the 100% digital teacher training programme

Want to study to become a teacher on the new Digital Teacher Training Programme? Send in your application for enrolment via optagelse.dk.

Admission requirements and enrolment

You must fulfil the same admission requirements regardless of whether you are applying for enrolment on the ordinary teacher training programme in Esbjerg or Haderslev, on the Digital Teacher Training Programme or the partial Digital Teacher Training Programme.

Develop the school where you live

When you enrol on the Digital Teacher Training Programme, you will study at home using UC SYD’s unique DIGI concept. You will meet your UC SYD tutor via your E-portfolio (OneNote) and Skype for Business calls. You will develop teaching at your local school – be it a.municipal or private primary or lower secondary school. 

Students on the Digital Teacher Training Programme develop a close relationship with their local school. You teach and will conduct surveys three times per semester (six months) at the school.

You can study from abroad or in Denmark. Regardless of whether you live here or abroad, you must find a school where you can conduct your surveys yourself. If studying from abroad, you can conduct your surveys at a local school where English is used for teaching. If conducting your surveys abroad, you must have been a pupil at a Danish primary or lower secondary school. Please note that it may be difficult to enter schools in some countries, for example, the USA and China. 

The Digital Teacher Training Programme allows you considerable freedom, but you are responsible for finding schools and developing lessons. 

Examples of student surveys from schools.

Part of the programme includes three 6-week internships. Internships during the first and second years can be abroad. The final internship in the fourth year must take place in Denmark at a primary and lower secondary school. 

The Digital Teacher Training Programme is fully digital

When taking the Digital Teacher Training Programme, you do not need to physically attend tuition or exams in Haderslev. All tuition and exams are primarily conducted via your E-portfolio (OneNote), the itslearning platform and Skype for Business. 

In common with ordinary teacher training, the Digital Teacher Training Programme consists of 240 ECTS points. You will normally have 60 ECTS points over a school year, distributed between three different modules/subjects per term (6 months). Normally, it takes four years to qualify as a teacher.

On the Digital Teacher Training Programme, you decide whether you want 20 or 30 ECTS points per term. You can arrange your studies to suit your own calendar and life. 

The programme has to be completed within six years from commencement. If you opt to spend more than 4½ years on it, your Danish SU will be affected. 

Credit teacher training programme and individual subjects are also an option in The Digital Teacher Training Programme.

 Requirements for you as a student:

  • attendance at a Danish school, able to speak and write fluent Danish
  • a high degree of self-discipline and independence
  •  can (and will) prioritise 40 hours per week on studies right from the first day
  • able to find schools where tuition can be tested and developed
  • ready to teach schoolchildren after only two months of studies
  • can organise own studies – freedom and responsibility are interconnected
  • have digital skills, i.e.
    •  own a PC or Mac with stable internet connection
    • can work in Microsoft Office suite and especially in Word 365 and OneNote 365
    • curious and eager to explore the opportunities offered by technology
    • willing to learn digital tools

Book an enrolment interview with our advisors

Before you can enrol on the Digital Teacher Training Programme, you must take part in an interview with one of our advisors. Book a Skype for Business call by writing to studievejledningen-h@ucsyd.dk att. Svend Brandt/Max Ipsen. 

Please prepare for your interview by considering the following: 

  • How do you learn best? Draw on your previous school/teaching experience
  • Why do you want to take the Digital Teacher Training Programme?
  • How will you manage the considerable freedom and responsibility inherent in the programme?
  • Which school would you like to conduct your survey at? Please note that it is hard to find schools willing to take part in Aarhus, Copenhagen, China and the USA. If you live in Aarhus or Copenhagen, be prepared to find schools in outlying districts. Students in the USA and China may need to come home to Denmark to conduct their surveys at schools.
  • Have you structured your private life and work to be ready to start your studies immediately?
  • How will you organise your week, given that your studies will take 37-40 intensive hours per week?
  • How will you tackle problems with your PC or Mac?

Partial Digital Teacher Training Programme

You can also partially take the Digital Teacher Training Programme digitally. This option is based on mixed learning, and 75% of the programme is digital self-study, working online alone and in study groups with your co-students. The remaining 25% is composed of six annual seminars of three to four days at Campus Haderslev, and 18 hours internship at local schools.

Questions on enrolment, enrolment criteria and application?

If you have any questions on enrolment, enrolment criteria and filling in your application, SU or choice of programme?